Proactive creatives

We are creatively proactive people and decided to start before the end of the year what we planned as purpose of 2020: enhance the power of LIGHT and NATURE in all our creations.

Lately we have been quite inspired and started our new ‘lightbox lamp’ designs and what we called ‘segmented light’ lamps. 

Within our experiments with lightbox lamps we played with the transparency of wood and its shadows when applying some back light. After trying with some leaves, metal grids, artifacts, fabrics and text messages….we found how shadows create a special oniric language transforming reality into a vibrating dream. Its dim light also influences the surrounding space creating the coziest environment.

Along with this project we are also diving into the concept of ‘segmented light’. To create this illusion we are introducing straight line cuts in organic natural elements imagining the core of a tree could emit light. 
With this project we want to highlight the need of treating trees as living things; the need of taking much more care of nature than we are.

With this lamp we also want to relaunch our WE PLANT TREES campaign where we offered to plant a tree with each purchase made. 


We are now developing a new lamps collections with these concepts and also welcome any project where we can unleash our imagination. 

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