Infinite Design Studio in Candeleda

We have just opened our design studio and store-Gallery in Candeleda, Ávila.

Why Candeleda?

Because we want to be more in contact with nature, which is our source of inspiration.

We have been working as a studio-workshop in Barcelona and Madrid for a few years and yes, the city has offered us infinite possibilities, but we needed to reconnect with that nature that offers us even more and create with the amazing materials that we find in such environment.

Another reason why we have chosen the rural environment is to help fill ‘The Empty Spain’ with cultural, sustainability and design projects, attracting the population to ‘that countryside’ that is our greatest wealth.

We want to contribute with the reconnectinng with nature and with the sustainable materials it offers us.

What services do we offer?

Both in our studio in Candeleda and in the ones we have in Madrid and Barcelona, we offer ‘à la carte’ design of sustainable furniture and lighting. As carpenters, blacksmiths and lighting experts that we are, we can make your dream come true. We have an infinite number of designs available to be able to seek inspiration and we also attend to the ideas that interior designers and clients ask us to carry out.

We create natural interiors and exteriors with local materials and the one we find in nature. We are lovers of restoration and we defend it as one of the practices to combat climate change.

If you pass through Candeleda, text us and let`s meet at our studio at Plaza del Castillo, 1, in the heart of Candeleda.


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