Our Manifesto

Infinite lights design fuses technology and nature elements with a strong commitment to protect our environment. Proof of it are our daily actions and our latest campaign WE PLANT TREES.

We do believe in our responsibility as designers and fabricators in making a better world and we find fundamental defining and applying a clear manifesto.

Here are the main points of our Manifesto: 

  1. Be truly sustainable. Drastically reduce the ecological footprint of the activity through eco-innovation and sustainable design thinking.
  2. Do not preach. Inspire.
  3. Be good for People and the Planet. Create a successful business that makes the world a little bit nicer for everyone.
  4. Apply good design (useful, beautiful, fun, detailed, eco-friendly, functional, long-lasting, honest, local) to our products and services.
  5. Be connected to guests, locals, the city, modern culture, tradition and nature.
  6. Choose sustainable and local materials 
  7. Use renewable sources of energy

If you share the same principles, I am sure we would get along together really well. Do not hesitate to contact us to exchange impressions and new ideas.