Custom lamps

We design and fabricate light fittings and lamps in any material needed; stone, wood, glass, … we are multiple material manipulators, fabricators and installers, building what comes out from our brainstorm and research sessions inhouse and with our clients. 

In our Projects section you will be able to check some of our interiors for which we created custom lamps and furniture. Here some examples

Lamps created for Dirty South restaurant. We made two different sizes to create two different areas (1m and 0.5m height)
These table lamps were designed when the owner saw that clients had difficulty reading the menu. This is our solution: illuminated bottle through sand blasted glass with company logo. Rechargable LED lights.
This is a copper lamp made for the Marmalade restaurant we collaborated with. It was custom made to illuminate the pool table. We took inspiration from the 20’s style and english private clubs famous in London by then.