Our collaboration with Green Leka

The first thing we think of when we hear about LEKA and the GREEN LEKA Can Valldaura project is how attractive, powerful and consistent their philosophy is and how similar it is to ours in many aspects.

We share that vision where the product is as important as the person and the planet.

There were countless times that we enjoyed their gastronomy and as many times that we recommend them. On one of those visits they told us about GREEN LEKA and it seemed like a project in which we would feel at home. It didn’t take long for us to propose to Iván and Arleny, owners of the restaurant and architects of its philosophy, to collaborate. Since then we have been hooked. We will always appreciate the opportunity to be us. A pleasure to be able to unleash our imagination to add our grain of sand to a unique gastronomic experience. Highly recommended.

The first thing we saw when we entered his space was the need to create a space consistent with his philosophy and resilient to new collaborations.

We proposed to create a blank canvas and bring a light wood to the stage. By painting ceilings and walls white, a uniform and harmonious space is created. The light wood (oak and pine) bring a necessary freshness and naturalness.

The next thing we proposed was the introduction of our lamps from the “Gloria, for climate change” collection. They are poetically reused logs, suspended from the ceiling of the restaurant, coming from the storm “Gloria” (January 2020). The river dragged them along its route and the sea returned them to the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, giving designers the opportunity to tell the story of each piece.

For the reception space we proposed a lamp with local material and another inspired by wine that diners will taste. With these concepts we devised a lamp made with barrel rings hung at different levels and another lamp that hangs on the bar made with a beam found in the area.

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