We are currently living one of the most challenging times ever. As we isolate in our homes, we become increasingly aware of how our interior spaces affect our moods, our ability to work and our physical comfort. In the other hand we have experienced the impact this lock down had on the environment and how important nature is for our existance. What is clear is that the Corona virus crisis will impact how we live, how we think and how we design spaces in the future.

Video conferencing has made people more aware of how they and their private places are perceived through the camera. Clients, providers, workers or colleagues will now have access to our private space, needing to adapt to the digital world and its demands. The background of your conference call will also be an extension of your business card and a reflection of your state of mind, capabilities to solve problems, to present yourself to the public… 

The importance of interior design and mental and physical health will become more prevalent than ever. We as designers will need to consider how we can assist in mental health through interior environments, using lighting, sustainable materials, sound and acoustics. 

Spaces will have to be flexible and adaptable to both the home – office demands and the family ones. Both lives will have to dance together and be respectful with each other. 

Comercial spaces will have to adapt too, offering an increase of our ‘personal bubble’, a more natural lighting and design solutions, while inviting the customer to be more aware of our impact on the environment.

In INFINITE LIGHTS DESIGN and INDUSTRIAL G we are experiencing this change already, not only in our approache to new projects, but in the proposals and demands we are receiving from different clients.

During our lockdown we had the chance to work for EL MES NATURAL. We were asked to redesign the interior in order to bring nature to their space, a better lighting and a better categorization of their products. As we collected the briefing we understood that this could be the right project to bring GLORIA STORM COLLECTION wood to life.

We though of introducing real tree elements into de interior design and proposed a more sustainable approach with the upcycling of the current shelving by introducing real wood. 


We proposed a different categorization where the public would understand where to find what they needed at a first glance, offering them a way to keep social distancing while waiting patiently for their area to free up.


We find in the Coronavirus an opportunity to change our routines and move towards a more natural and sustainable living and design of our spaces. We offer our services to help you find your perfect new comercial or private space wishing we can help to make a change for good in our environments, mental and physical health.

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