Infinite Design Studio in Candeleda

We have just opened our design studio and store-Gallery in Candeleda, Ávila.

Why Candeleda?

Because we want to be more in contact with nature, which is our source of inspiration.

We have been working as a studio-workshop in Barcelona and Madrid for a few years and yes, the city has offered us infinite possibilities, but we needed to reconnect with that nature that offers us even more and create with the amazing materials that we find in such environment.

Another reason why we have chosen the rural environment is to help fill ‘The Empty Spain’ with cultural, sustainability and design projects, attracting the population to ‘that countryside’ that is our greatest wealth.

We want to contribute with the reconnectinng with nature and with the sustainable materials it offers us.

What services do we offer?

Both in our studio in Candeleda and in the ones we have in Madrid and Barcelona, we offer ‘à la carte’ design of sustainable furniture and lighting. As carpenters, blacksmiths and lighting experts that we are, we can make your dream come true. We have an infinite number of designs available to be able to seek inspiration and we also attend to the ideas that interior designers and clients ask us to carry out.

We create natural interiors and exteriors with local materials and the one we find in nature. We are lovers of restoration and we defend it as one of the practices to combat climate change.

If you pass through Candeleda, text us and let`s meet at our studio at Plaza del Castillo, 1, in the heart of Candeleda.


Our collaboration with Green Leka

The first thing we think of when we hear about LEKA and the GREEN LEKA Can Valldaura project is how attractive, powerful and consistent their philosophy is and how similar it is to ours in many aspects.

We share that vision where the product is as important as the person and the planet.

There were countless times that we enjoyed their gastronomy and as many times that we recommend them. On one of those visits they told us about GREEN LEKA and it seemed like a project in which we would feel at home. It didn’t take long for us to propose to Iván and Arleny, owners of the restaurant and architects of its philosophy, to collaborate. Since then we have been hooked. We will always appreciate the opportunity to be us. A pleasure to be able to unleash our imagination to add our grain of sand to a unique gastronomic experience. Highly recommended.

The first thing we saw when we entered his space was the need to create a space consistent with his philosophy and resilient to new collaborations.

We proposed to create a blank canvas and bring a light wood to the stage. By painting ceilings and walls white, a uniform and harmonious space is created. The light wood (oak and pine) bring a necessary freshness and naturalness.

The next thing we proposed was the introduction of our lamps from the “Gloria, for climate change” collection. They are poetically reused logs, suspended from the ceiling of the restaurant, coming from the storm “Gloria” (January 2020). The river dragged them along its route and the sea returned them to the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, giving designers the opportunity to tell the story of each piece.

For the reception space we proposed a lamp with local material and another inspired by wine that diners will taste. With these concepts we devised a lamp made with barrel rings hung at different levels and another lamp that hangs on the bar made with a beam found in the area.


We are currently living one of the most challenging times ever. As we isolate in our homes, we become increasingly aware of how our interior spaces affect our moods, our ability to work and our physical comfort. In the other hand we have experienced the impact this lock down had on the environment and how important nature is for our existance. What is clear is that the Corona virus crisis will impact how we live, how we think and how we design spaces in the future.

Video conferencing has made people more aware of how they and their private places are perceived through the camera. Clients, providers, workers or colleagues will now have access to our private space, needing to adapt to the digital world and its demands. The background of your conference call will also be an extension of your business card and a reflection of your state of mind, capabilities to solve problems, to present yourself to the public… 

The importance of interior design and mental and physical health will become more prevalent than ever. We as designers will need to consider how we can assist in mental health through interior environments, using lighting, sustainable materials, sound and acoustics. 

Spaces will have to be flexible and adaptable to both the home – office demands and the family ones. Both lives will have to dance together and be respectful with each other. 

Comercial spaces will have to adapt too, offering an increase of our ‘personal bubble’, a more natural lighting and design solutions, while inviting the customer to be more aware of our impact on the environment.

In INFINITE LIGHTS DESIGN and INDUSTRIAL G we are experiencing this change already, not only in our approache to new projects, but in the proposals and demands we are receiving from different clients.

During our lockdown we had the chance to work for EL MES NATURAL. We were asked to redesign the interior in order to bring nature to their space, a better lighting and a better categorization of their products. As we collected the briefing we understood that this could be the right project to bring GLORIA STORM COLLECTION wood to life.

We though of introducing real tree elements into de interior design and proposed a more sustainable approach with the upcycling of the current shelving by introducing real wood. 


We proposed a different categorization where the public would understand where to find what they needed at a first glance, offering them a way to keep social distancing while waiting patiently for their area to free up.


We find in the Coronavirus an opportunity to change our routines and move towards a more natural and sustainable living and design of our spaces. We offer our services to help you find your perfect new comercial or private space wishing we can help to make a change for good in our environments, mental and physical health.


Most of you should have seen in the news the climate struggles in Spain’s east coast this last January. This storm commonly called ‘Gloria’ has left scenes of devastation, heavy rains with gusting winds and pounding waves. It was indeed one of the worst storms ever and considered from experts a sign of the innevitable climate change. It destroyed seafront promenades, flooded roads, brought down bridges, walls, entire buildings…. and toppled trees filling up beaches and river shores. 

A few days after the desaster our team went to the nearest beaches and discovered the most incredible scene: huge mountains of bamboo sticks tangled on plastic bags and wet towels, full trees teared from the route, tons of branches from all sort of different trees and some dead animals. 

As soon as we saw these amazing trees, we recognized they had incredible stories to tell and shout to everyone; stories of their lives and the storm that surprised them one random day, sories about the climate change and about our future as living things… 

From this point on we decided to give them a voice through the design of functional art pieces, repurpose wood furniture and sculpture lamps through a new collection called CLIMATE CHANGE.

With this mailing we want to make a CALL TO DESIGNERS, ARCHITECTS AND INTERIORISTS to give these beautiful pieces of wood an opportunity to be part of their trascendent design projects. We are currently making a data base of DRIFTWOOD and DESIGN CREATIONS for you to take into account. Dont hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in hosting our driftwood and creations (

Here some of our lamps and furniture made with driftwood collected in other campaigns. 

Proactive creatives

We are creatively proactive people and decided to start before the end of the year what we planned as purpose of 2020: enhance the power of LIGHT and NATURE in all our creations.

Lately we have been quite inspired and started our new ‘lightbox lamp’ designs and what we called ‘segmented light’ lamps. 

Within our experiments with lightbox lamps we played with the transparency of wood and its shadows when applying some back light. After trying with some leaves, metal grids, artifacts, fabrics and text messages….we found how shadows create a special oniric language transforming reality into a vibrating dream. Its dim light also influences the surrounding space creating the coziest environment.

Along with this project we are also diving into the concept of ‘segmented light’. To create this illusion we are introducing straight line cuts in organic natural elements imagining the core of a tree could emit light. 
With this project we want to highlight the need of treating trees as living things; the need of taking much more care of nature than we are.

With this lamp we also want to relaunch our WE PLANT TREES campaign where we offered to plant a tree with each purchase made. 


We are now developing a new lamps collections with these concepts and also welcome any project where we can unleash our imagination. 

FUSTA & LLUM / WOOD & LIGHT – tables & artistic lighting

Love at first sight…is what we felt when we got to know @eliatables in @feriahabitatvalencia
Their tables made from whole logs match perfectly well with our iluminated sculptures.

From now on you find us with this amazing #design brand in their #showroom in #tarragona

WHERE? Elia Tables showroom – Diseminado Escomas 3727 / 43480 Vila-seca | Tarragona

////// WINE & DESIGN gathering – To celebrate we invite you for a glass of wine. Come the 2nd November from 12:00 – 14:00 //////

Exhibition from the 15th October to the 24th December – Opened Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 14:00.


Since we collaborated with La Graciosa winery in the desgn and creation of its recycled furniture and lamps, we fell in love of its natural wine and philosophy.

Now after almost a year from its inauguration, we decided to create an POP UP exhibition where we show more iluminated sculptures.

WHEN? 5th and 6th November
Vernissage – 5th 19:00 – 21:00

Carrer de Milà i Fontanals, 88, 08012 Barcelona